This is an evolving site which, in essence, is introducing what I (with your help) intend to develop for the afghan hound loving community. Bear with us as it evolves. Please contribute your ideas (and material) to help shape it.


The mission of AfZine.Net is to Identify, Organize, and Expand (read, solicit) upon the resources available to the AfFlicted (afghan hound loving community) of the world and present the material in a meaningful and easy to use format.

Some Details:

The intent is not to become the only place the community comes to for information. While the intent is to be the one place one can come to first in order to easily access new as well as easily locate all existing known resources, it is the diversity of opinions and viewpoints on each subject that helps us better understand things. This site will enthusiastically support all existing resources by providing new ways to get to the those sites as well as channeling some of the new material that appears in the 'zine to them.

Self Supporting:

Access to the material as well as placement of afghan hound ads* will be free of fees (from the site) to the users. There will be efforts to support the costs associated with the site so that when the time comes that I am no longer able to develop and manage it, another (or others) will have the resources in place to carry on the effort. (Click here for developing Information on Advertising)

* Material must be ready to link into the ad list. This will normally be on your page using a link provided by you but may be on our server if the space requirements are modest AND the code/graphics are supplied ready to put on a page.


As with all the other sites I have in the past and currently participate in, this one is yours as well. Its' failure would rest on my shoulders but its' success depends upon you.

Two important email addressess for the new site:

ideas @ (remove spaces and copy to address line to use or click on address) to let me know features and content you'd like to see
submissions @, remove spaces and copy to address line or click on address) to submit articles, pictures, etc.