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Starting Point

This site is intended as a tool to gather and disseminate information of interest to (and for) the afghan hound community... to reflect and address the needs and interests of the users.

What it is NOT: It is not another AfghansOnline, AHI, Afghan Hound Times or variation on existing sites. It is ultimately an expansion of and alternate portal to the resources that all those sites provide. It is not an effort to be the only place you go in the afghan hound world. And while it may start as a one person effort, it will not (if it is to really succeed) remain so.

What it IS (or, at this point, meant to be): The primary presentation will be an Online Magazine which solicits, promotes, and presents information of interest to the afghan hound community without any type of fee.

The secondary function it will seek to fill is as an alternate portal to all existing afghan hound community resources. It will promote all those resources (whether they elect to reciprocate or not). I believe that offering a different paradigm (definition 3 is closest) in accessing these resources will expand upon their usefullness, utilization, and value to the community. The afghan hound community does not suffer from an over abundance of resources or viewpoints presented.


The initial goals are: (1) to lay out a basic design structure (issue #0000) and establish the flavor and content expectations for the readers; (2) include as much real meat (content) in that development issue, not just descriptions (make it real, not just a promise); and (3) solicit and collect the material to fill the pipeline for future issues.

There is no 'drop dead' date to accomplish this, we will take as long as it takes.

The mid-term goals are: (1) refine upon the initial design decisions based on feedback from the readers (big hint/plea); (2) recruit section/department editors so that the site becomes more reflective of a wider variety of viewpoints; (3) start building issue #0001 and a backlog of material for issues going forward; and, (4) develop a long term plan/model to sustain the effort.

and Beyond (Schedule)

As the site develops, the publishing schedule will move from sporadic to as often as real content is received to monthly to ???... The ultimate size and publishing frequency of issues will be a function of the material in the pipeline. Nobody wants to hear that much from me, they want to share the knowledge and wisdon you have gained over the years!

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