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First Contest

One of the more important attributes to a web site is its identity. Many have a unique graphic that quickly visually identifies with the site.

As this site is intended to ultimately reflect and address the needs and interests of the users, I would like the site to have a graphic (icon) that the users have had a hand in producing and selecting.

Our first contest will be held to develop a graphic which will uniquely identify with AfZine.Net (to be used on this site and by others directing traffic to the site).

Designs should be simple and clean and such that they will hold up whether reproduced in the masthead or employed as an icon in browsers.

Desired Design Specifications

Submission Details

Contest Awards

Fine Print

It is hoped that there will be prizes beyond the primary winner but that is dependant upon the generosity of the users. Donate a prize.

There currently is no deadline defined. (The initial response has been underwhelming, as of 1 May 2011 we have had no entries.) Once a deadline is established, it will be announced at least 60 days prior to the closing of the contest. If no entry is found to be satisfactory for the intended use, prizes will still be awarded to the best entry but the copyright transfer will be waived.

Your ideas, comments, and questions on this effort are solicited. Comments and ideas


* We reserve the right to reject a submission if (in our opinion) the submitter is flooding the contest with entries that are intended only to garner free ads.

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