This section is starting out as a simple index of articles, notices, etc. as well as other subsections (such as events or themed collections of items like the conversations) regarding the people and things happening in or related to the actions of the people in the afghan hound community. I am looking for an editor to guide this section and develope it to further aid the afghan hound community. If you are willing to guide this section, click here to volunteer, and send an email detailing that you would like to help with the community department.

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Community Resources

I'll have to admit, I've never been able to discern just what separates a blog from another site... so I'm looking for someone to supply a god description here..

  AHI Pedigree Database (AHI Resource)  
  AHI Photography (AHI Resource)  

Email Lists:
These are email based mailing lists. When a member posts an email, it gets forwarded to each member of the list. Usually you will have multiple topics of dicussion going on at the same time. Depending upn the moderator and their bent, topics can often stray far off the hound. Links provided are to their home page so you can join. Action takes place in your email inbox.

  Afghanbreeders (Yahoo group)  
  Afghanhoundlovers (Yahoo group)  
  Afghanhound2006 (Yahoo group)  

Forums are web sites where a user can go to post a message or thought. These posts are made in a defined subject or topic areas. In a snese, they are like email lists but rather having the posts coming to you, you go to it. Additionally, the discussion is grouped by topic and the growing body of contributions can serve as a resource on the topic.

  AHI Pedigree Database Forum (AHI Resource)  

Through the Looking Glass:
Primarily articles and short paragraphs that introduce individuals and give insights to them. This is intended to let us know each other, the people making up the Afghan Hound Community

  Conversations with (this will link to a future communinty subsection)  
  Events (this will link to a future communinty subsection)