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Your purchase of the products and services offered below provide the funding that make free acess to AfZine.Net possible. If you have ideas for other things you'd like to see us offer, please let us know. (Click her to submit an idea)

AND... If you know of or find items that would contribute to furthering the community, please send the information to... (click here to submit information) and I'll list it in the index.


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I've signed AfZine (and thus all the other efforts for the Afghan Hound community) up for the affiliate program with Amazon.Com. I will be adding afghan specific add panels to articles and othe pages. (Trying to tie in the bools or products as appropriate.) I will also be adding other general links so that you can help support the sites without adding any cost to the shopping you would be doing anyway.

Please use these links and support the effort.


Email Boxes

  We can provide an Alias Forward email address  
  Alias Forward: ($10/year) With this option, email to the address is forwarded to an existing email address of your choice. You do not need to make any changes to any of your email software and retain all the filters and spam capability of your current address. Your current email address continues to work. If you change internet providers (and thus your email address), this email address can be redirected to the new provider (so friends sending things to you at the Alias Forward address will not have to be informed of any change.  
  POP: While we have the capability to provide this option, a full email server, we do not have the expertise to provide the level of spam filters and server side software firewalls that a full service commercial provides.  
  Email addresses are available at the following domains:  
    Afghanbreeders.Net AfghanBreeders.Com  
    AfghanLovers.Net AfghanHoundLovers.Net  
    AfZine.Net AfghanHounds.us  
  If you would like to get an email address with one of the above, please send an email with name desired. I will confirm and reserve that name for you and arrange payment method. (Currently restricted to snail mail or PayPal.) Click here to order your email box. Subject line of your email to me should be EMAIL.  
  We feel that the Alias Forward is the best choice inasmuch as if you make it your primary email address (have friends send emails to it), it will enable you to change internet providers without having to require those who correspond with you to change your address in their email program.  

Photographic Products


Over the years, we have taken tens of thousands of pictures (mostly afghan hounds at AKC shows). We keep them online with Zenfolio.Com where they are available to view, order prints, or purchase electronic copies for web or printing use. They can also be ordered on mugs, mouse pads, US postage stamps, etc. The products are produced (primarily) through MPix. Numerous payment methods are offered through the supplier of the products.

To order a print (or other product from it), when you have a view of a single print, drag your mouse cursor to the left edge of the picture. A menu will appear to let you do so...

    Click here to view all my pictures  
    Click here to view Dog Show pictures  

Web Sites

  We are entertaining the possibility of providing web sites for those in the afghan hound community. The web sites could be anything from a true site (you need to have or get a registered URL) or a subdomain off of one of our domains (like yourkennel.afghanbreeders.net). We would like to get feedback on whether this is wanted... (Click here to give feedback)